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Status: Open
Datum plaatsing: 11/02/2021
Op locatie: Nee
Termijn van uitvoering: 6 maand
Omschrijving: We want to design and develop a new progressive Help Center where users can help themselves - with a major focus to reduce the amount of support calls/tickets we get. For this we are looking for a project manager who can consult us in the different technologies that exist in this area, help us find which would fit our needs best, and guide us through the implementation using internal and potentially external resources. Components for this project are - Documentation (around 700K words) which is written in Oxigen Author / DITA. - Automated updating and publishing of this documentation to the Help Center + submitting it to our translation platform. - Integration with an LMS (most likely will be 360Learning). - Integration with a new forum technology. - A developer and beta area behind a log-in. - All components that require a log-in would need to be single sign on. - A good and clear structure in the Help Center with links to related resources such as webinars, blog, etc. - A great search function that searches through the different systems and presents the results in a user friendly and filterable way. - Prep the center to be ready for a connection with our support system to allow automated replies to support tickets with the most relevant articles and resources. The goal is to be ready with a launchable Help Center in June. Although we do understand that there will be a first launch and then a rollout of next functionalities.