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Preventieadviseur niveau 3 - Brussel 0 reacties

Status: Open
Datum plaatsing: 03/11/2020
Op locatie: Ja, - Brussel - België
Termijn van uitvoering: Niet relevant

 YOUR JOB For a long-term project of several years we are looking for an EHS officer level III. As EHS officer level III you will support and implement the company's EHS policy, VCA and the EHS customer requirements. Your task is to carry out and maintain the right safety mentality and zero harm culture. You support the project team members in the safe execution of their works, particularly on site works. You will report to the Health and Safety Manager and provide the necessary documentation (eg. Monthly report of health and safety awareness, issues and statistics) and support on a regular basis. More in detail, your tasks include: - You will keep the safety dossiers up to date for each specific project (the paper version on site and the digital version). You will keep a daily register of temporary and mobile workplaces. - You will supervise the compliance of the EHS requirements on site - You will check the risk analyses and EHS documentation of the contractors and their communication of these documents to the subcontractors, as well as checking whether the contractors have delivered the EHS plans and certificates of conformity to the company. You see to it that the necessary individual permits for own employees and (sub)contractor employees are in order. - You will communicate rules and regulations regarding EHS matters to employees either via written instructions, toolbox meetings or trainings. You make sure the (sub)contractors respect the EHS guidelines. -You will participate in planning and performance of EHS activities, e.g. training, safety events such as safety walks on the construction site, activities based on accident/incident trend analysis, risk assessments and implementing necessary actions. You will arrange the safety induction (incl. Consigne 10B) for the company's personnel , contractors and visitors. -You will encourage and supervise the application of the Last Minute Risk Analysis technique and Zero Harm Culture. You will offer support in working out detailed working methods (method statement/task risk analysis). - You will collect and report observations of near misses, accidents, incidents and deviations from agreed standards. You will research the root cause analysis and follow up on corrective actions. You will ensure registration of accidents and incidents in the EHS reporting tool and make sure that the necessary legislative reporting is made toward the local authorities. - You will coordinate First Aid, rescue and emergency services. REQUIREMENTS As EHS Officer level III you will meet following conditions: - Valid safety qualification (EHS Officer level III) - Thorough knowledge of Belgium legal health, safety and environmental regulations including “Temporary or Mobile Construction Sites” (ToMCS) - Experience as an EHS officer in a railway project environment is an asset - Knowledge of EHS international recognized standards e.g. OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, VCA - Experience in writing reports and policies for health and safety. Familiarity with conduction data analysis and reporting statistics - Excellent written and spoken knowledge of Dutch and French, professional knowledge of English - VCA-VOL and BA5 are required. First Aid certification is a plus