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ETCS Test manager0 reacties

Status: Gesloten
Datum plaatsing: 13/05/2020
Op locatie: Ja, - Brussel - België
Termijn van uitvoering: 1 jaar
Omschrijving: You will set-up or adapt (if needed) existing test strategies and/or procedures which specify the various verifications (acceptance criteria’s) to be conducted on a set of engeneering data for the ETCS+IL systems in accordance with the UNISIG norms and standards. You will be responsible for and follow-up the correct implementation of the agreed testing strategy and procedures, processes and tools. You are responsible for the execution of the verification of the engineering databases. You will support the ETCS Testers by/for writing a number of scripts in VBA in order to facilitate the defined test strategies and procedures; You manage the results of the testreports and the possible deviations with respect to the expected behaviour; You analyse the faulty test results (together with the ETCS-testers) and provide recommendations to the design team and/or test-tool team for possible corrections and/or further (deeper) analysis; You participate to meetings (mostly internal), in order to solve technical problems and clarify requirements. You provide technical expertise in the field of ETCS, IL and railway signalling to the project; You report the progress of the test campaigns towards the Project Manager and System Manager. Function: You have good knowledge of Interlocking and ETCS Trackside Functionalities (preferably ETCS-L1), as specified in UNISIG Subset-026. And testing (and/or designing) an ETCS system/subsystem You have experience with ETCS dataprep tools and are familiar with reading railway plans (signaling, infrastructure, speed, gradients) You are familiar with most of the operating principles used in Railway (e.g. nominal movement, on-sight movement, shunting movement) and have knowledge of Railway Signaling Principles (also outside ETCS); You know and understand the Belgian signal aspects (e.g. green, permissive and non-permissive red, red-white, double yellow, yellow-green horizontal or vertical, “chevron”, etc.); You are accurate, rigorous and safety minded, can work autonomously and have good organizational and interpersonal skills; You have epxertise in writing scripts (VBA-scripts...) with scripting tools. You have good knowledge of English (Being able to understand and communicate in French and/or Dutch is seen as a big advantage) Offer: Contract duration: 1 year that could be extended to 7 years !