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Funcitoneel analyst - technical background0 reacties

Status: Gesloten
Datum plaatsing: 03/12/2018
Op locatie: Ja, - Oost-Vlaanderen - België
Termijn van uitvoering: Niet relevant
Omschrijving: ArcelorMittal Profile: • You are up-to-date concerning the new trends in software development and are eager to continuously widen your competences. • You are receptive for new knowledge and ideas, even outside your knowledge-domain. • You are able to think creatively and out-of-the box while providing solutions • You have good social skills and able to fluently integrate into new and existing teams • Your knowledge of English is at a professional level (proficiency in reading, writing and speaking) • You have a general knowledge of a wide range of technologies and methodologies. In a first phase this will be concentrated around : C#, VB.NET, Angular, HTML, WPF, WCF, Entitiy Framework, SQLServer, XML,TFS, OO, Visual Studio, … You can inspire developers and make the team work optimally