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Webshop Magento 20 reacties

Status: Gesloten
Datum plaatsing: 07/06/2018
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Termijn van uitvoering: 1 maand

We want to develop a webshop on platform Magento 2. We need to have a B2C place where we can view prices and a specific consumer assortment of products. Also within the same site we want to have a B2B place where we have a dedicated productportfolio and also after authorisation , the business party can view prices. So at firts, prices are not visible for the B2B view. Also we need to have the possibility to apply different pricingstrategies for specific categories of products. And this for B2C and B2B We want to apply a specific theme : Evolveris - Gardening Store Magento Theme #62091 (responsive) Please send your quotes.